An Fóram Uisce is recruiting: Post Doctorate – Policy Analyst in Water Services

Post Doctorate – Policy Analyst in Water Services

In Association with the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT)

In association with the Centre for Freshwater & Environmental Studies in Dundalk Institute of Technology, An Fóram Uisce now proposes to offer the position of Post Doctorate – Policy Analyst in Water Services on an eighteen-month assignment. The successful candidate will assist An Fóram in identifying priority areas and actioning research or other initiatives to advance thinking and policy development with regard to Water and Wastewater Services: Water Conservation, Water Quality Management and the interplay between environmental and commercial considerations in water management, in the context of meeting objectives under the EU Water Framework Directive, which includes the preparation of river basin management plans for Ireland.

Key activities, but not limited to:

Providing critical analysis of water and wastewater service delivery in Ireland. Collaborate with colleagues on cross-functional projects; in particular in ensuring policy advice is informed by the best available knowledge and to contribute where required, to policy advice formation. Assisting in the development of strategies to effectively communicate the findings and recommendations. Represent An Fóram Uisce on working groups to assist in the delivery of its statutory duties to the Minister and advance its Strategic Plan.

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